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Are you looking for an energy drink that doesn’t have a medicine aftertaste? One that isn’t too sweet, or too tart? One that tastes like none other? We were! Now, we are proud to bring to you Zip energy. Zip brings together sweetness, with just enough tang to not be over powering. The most noticeable trait of Zip is there is no medicinal aftertaste, like you can find with other energy drinks.  Zip Blue energy is in a category all alone. One customer said it perfectly “The Zip Blue is like a berry meets sweet-tart explosion all in one”.  Zip and Zip Blue are now available in 16 oz. cans.

Zip is also available in bag in the box form. Zip is the most cost effective energy drink bag in the box on the market. Zip is the best way to reduce waste and manage cost, all while supplying your customers with a premium energy drink. In the bag in the box, we offer:

Zip original, Zip original Sugar free, Zip Zero, Zip Blue, Zip Blue Sugar Free, and Zip Oranj.



Zip Hog: Schwartzhog Liquor & Zip

Vegas Bomb: Corwn Roale, Peach Schnapps & Zip

Zip-notic: Hypnotic & Zip

The Innebriator: Bacardi 151, Spiced rum & Zip

The Heater: Fireball & Zip

The Zipper: Southern Comfort & Zip with a splash of pineapple juice.

Glitter Bomb: Goldschlagger & Zip

Pop Rocks: Raspberry vodka, Raspberry liqueur & Zip

Runts: 99 Bananas, Vodka & Zip


Creamsicle: Vanilla vodka & Orange Zip

Orange Crush: Vodka & Orange Zip

Liquid Skittles: Cointreau & Orange Zip

Tick-Tack: Orange vodka & Orange Zip with a splash of orange juice

O-Bomb: Bacardi O & Orange Zip

Sunrise Bomb: Cherry vodka, grenadine & Orange Zip with a splash of pineapple


Chuck Norris: UV cherry vodka & Blue Zip

S.O.B.: Southern Comfort, Peach Schnapps & Blue Zip

South Omaha Marijuana: Blackberry Brandy & Blue Zip

Blue Balls: Cocnut rum, Peach Schnapps & Blue Zip with a splash of 7-Up

The Midtowner: Midori, Gin & Blue Zip with a splash of 7-Up

The Storm Chaser: Crown Royale & Blue Zip with a splash of lemonade

Liquid Blue: UV blue vodka & Blue Zip with a splash of lemonade