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At D&J Beverage we lease a wide variety of equipment to help our customers increase there volume of sales and profitability. For pop and juices, we lease many different sizes and styles of fountains to help accommodate for the space our customers have available. At D&J, we proudly lease Cornelius fountain systems with as little as two valves taking up eight inches to machines that carry as much as thirty two flavors taking up eighty nine inches. For our bar customers, we carry bar guns ranging from two buttons to fourteen buttons. On all of our pop and juice systems, we supply a water filtration system and change the filters every six months to help ensure we are putting out the best tasting product possible.

Also at D&J Beverage, we lease both cubed and crushed ice makers with production ranging from one hundred and seventy five pounds every twenty four hours to over eight hundred pounds every twenty four hours. You can put an ice maker on a fountain or on an ice bin, whatever helps grow your business. When leasing an ice makers from D & J, you will not have to worry about service cost again. It is all worked into the monthly fees. Since D & J offers 24/7 service, you can call anytime and we will have a technician out to get your ice maker back up and running.