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At D&J Beverage we pride ourselves on carrying a wide variety of flavors of sodas, juices, mixers and energy drinks. This allows for our customers to free up cooler space and increase production by putting more products on their bar guns. In May of 2014 we introduced a new line of craft sodas to our customer to help with more money saving options. Without having to pay for advertising and other marketing avenues we are able to keep our craft soda line affordable and save our customers money. We offer sample boxes of our craft soda line to allow our prospective customers to put on there fountain and bar guns to let there customers to try. This will help give our prospective customers the piece of mind to know the transition to D&J Beverage will be smooth and seamless.

Along with our line of Craft Sodas we offer a line of Premium Juices everything from one hundred percent Orange Juice to Cranberry and Pineapple. Our customers serve our juices in bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms and nursing homes. At every account that carries our juices we install a water filtration system for free to make sure the water quality good. This helps to ensure the product being served is of high quality each time. D&J currently stock fifteen different juices and capabilities of getting many more flavors we are almost certain to get your business the flavors you need to make any recipes. In the bar business putting our fresh juices on your bar gun will allow for your bartenders to put out specialty shots and drinks at a much higher rate than opening up bottle and can juices in turn getting your customers there drinks faster.

At D&J Beverage we offer Pepsi and Dr. Pepper brand bottles and cans for any convenience stores or for to go orders at restaurants. We pre-sale our bottle orders so that way we can offer a fresh of products as possible.